Our Practice

Your Go-To Physical Therapy Clinic

Roadside Physical Therapy PC is a physical therapy clinic in Elmhurst, New York and Brooklyn, New York. We are aware that staying in an environment where you feel loved and well taken care of is essential to health care. This is why our dedicated team does its best to create a family-friendly setting for our patients of all ages.

Mission Statement

The purpose of my humanity is driven by the principle of excellence and serves as a good example to others. The profession of physical therapy supports my caring and compassionate nature and empowers me to fulfill the needs of others. As a physical therapist, I find ways to help my patients improve their health status by providing the best possible physical therapy services in a supportive and educational way.

In order to reach this ultimate goal, I strive to improve my knowledge of evidence-based physical therapy practices continually and ensure the delivery of high-quality health care and cost-effective outcomes.

It is through my continued acquisition of knowledge that I am certain that I can be a catalyst to help my patients function at their maximum potential and improve their quality of life.

Optimism, commitment, hard work, and dedication are my core values as a physical therapist devoted to making a substantial impact on the lives of my family, colleagues, patients, and community, as well as the entire human race.